How We Work

Precisely the right inputs through precisely the right steps, and the end result takes care of itself – it’s a simple principle that guides how we work. Our collaborative process combines our customers’ innovative concepts, with our manufacturing and design expertise.

At the heart of everything is our know-how to make the best-designed mould for the purpose. Superior mould design requires specialist knowledge and insight – something we bring to bear thanks to a team with decades of experience. This allows us to deliver greater quality as well as value, with moulds that address the real-world behaviour of materials, and save cost and time by reducing steps.

Beyond this, our data-driven process allows us to measure and optimise every action, whether design, material sourcing, production, or dispatch. This strength to examine every detail down to a grain of sand while also seeing the whole coastline, is what sets us apart. The result: products that are more efficient, functional, ergonomic, aesthetic, and durable.